world of final fantasy
(Image: YouTube)

The worldwide release of the World of Final Fantasy has been much-awaited. This time, they have followed the conventional style of their previous series. It is an action based video game where the players get to fight battles. Producers Shinji Hashimoto has decided on releasing this game in October 2016. Against the backdrop of a fantasy world, the entire game is set in Grymoire where the characters have to combat against the monster Mirages.

Reynn and Lann are two siblings in World of Final Fantasy who take on this journey of adventure. Even though they are suffering from amnesia, they do possess power in their arms. This power shall assist them in destroying the enemy. They reach Grymoire and learn the art of gaining more power for fighting the fierce enemy. The mode in which the game is played shows the players controlling the two protagonists Reynn and Lann. The siblings try to weaken the monster and thus gain victory by killing him.

The main concern of the developers and producers is to attract young crowds and engross them in this fantasy world. The plot involves a lot of exciting journeys and expeditions. The players get to explore the entire fantasy world. They are planning to release this video game in Play Station Vita and Play station4.


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