world of final fantasy ps4
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The Final Fantasy franchise goes hand in hand with the PlayStation console, and fans of the game have been waiting for reworked versions of Final Fantasy classics. For now, fans are getting the World of Final Fantasy. Square Enix has brought fans a kiddie themed the World of Final Fantasy for fans to enjoy. The characters are in anime style, only shrunk into fierce pocket-sized characters and they will be coming for you on October 25 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

The Director of the World of Final Fantasy, Hiroki Chiba says that the game is not exactly a children’s version, though it is deemed as a kiddie themed game, adults can enjoy the game as well. It is actually a full turn-based role-playing game that is reliant on the same Active Time Battle that is a trademark of the Final Fantasy world.

The World of Final Fantasy will be featuring an item hoarding goal similar to how Pokémon Go keeps players hooked. Pokémon Go fans enjoy the game since there is an existing goal to collect every creature out there, the same stands for the World of Final Fantasy since the two main characters will need to hoard items and companions by going through constant battles. Chiba did make it clear however, that this game is not a mobile game, it is a full game worth $60 and is made solely for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

That being said, the World of Final Fantasy is indeed a full game, with a real storyline and interesting gameplay. And as a plus, there will be some familiar faces present in the game, as the World of Final Fantasy will be featuring characters from other Final Fantasy games to make the World of Final Fantasy feel more like home to FF fans.


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