World of Final Fantasy
(Credits: YouTube)

Fans of World of Final Fantasy are excited as the release date inches closer and closer. There was also another gameplay video released recently showing the first 15 minutes of the game. and the experts who reviewed the game gave a score of 36 out of 40. Moreover, fans are curious about the unique stacking combat system that the World of Final Fantasy will be featuring, and a demo video of the game explains how this works.

Square Enix released a 17-minute long demo video of the World of Final Fantasy and shows how the game is played. The video starts off with the game controller explaining the gameplay mechanics, the characters are moved by using the left analog stick while pressing the L1 button together with the square button will allow the player to shift characters, choosing between Lann, Jiant, and Lilikin. However, if the user presses the L1 and the circle button at the same time will trigger a change from Reynn to Jiant to Lilikin. The up and down buttons will be used to mount and dismount the Chocobo in World of Final Fantasy while the left and right buttons are for controlling the mirage companion. All in all, the demo video is basic but is extremely helpful for those who are new to such a system.

The unique stacking combat system will enable players to combine their abilities and stats to get better creatures. Moreover, in order to make an entity in World of Final Fantasy, the user needs to make a tower and this tower is made up of combined creatures, small and large alike, and the player needs to stack them up. The combination of the creatures is vital for every situation.

The gameplay of World of Final Fantasy is definitely unique and players are excited to experience it for themselves when the game is released on October 25 for PLayStation 4 and PLayStation Vita. The release of the game for Japan is on October 27 while Europe’s is on October 28.


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