A nip from her new puppy has resulted in the death of a woman from Wisconsin, which is being linked to the same rare infection from the saliva of dog which led a man to have his limbs amputated, as per a report.

58-year-old Sharon Larson belonging to Milwaukee fell sick after she suffered with a minor bite from her puppy which she got in June. She experienced symptom similar to a flu and was immediately taken to a hospital. After a few tests, the doctors revealed that Larson was infected with the Capnocytophaga canimorsus bacteria, which is the bacteria found in the saliva of dogs and cats. The antibiotics given to her did not seem to be working and unfortunately, she died two days later.

The news of her death comes in just after the same bacteria had resulted in a West Bend man, Greg Manteufel, 48; get his limbs amputated in June after his dog licked him. His blood pressure level had drastically plunged due to which the doctors were left with no other choice but to cut his arms and legs in order to increase the blood circulation, as per a report.

As per CDC, the bacterium which infected the two is rarely problematic or causes death of a person. Moreover, the agency further said that the bacterium is most commonly found in the saliva of humans, dogs as well as cats. However, the people who are above the age of 40 years are at a higher risk along with those who are heavy drinker and have a compromised immune system, the agency added.

The bacteria can spread to a person via a bite or in case of close contact with cats or dogs. Nearly 74% of the dogs and 57% of the cats have the Capnocytophaga bacteria in their mouths.


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