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In just the past 15 years, black roof mold and mildew has gone from almost non-existent in the Western North Carolina area (WNC) to a problem of epidemic proportions. Homes throughout the area have seen the telltale black streaks appear suddenly and then quickly spread to cover the entire roof. Wet and increasingly hot temps have only made the problem grow worse and more pervasive.

Black roof mold is also known as Gloeocapsa Magma, a type of algae that feeds on the limestone used in asphalt shingles. Rain spreads the algae down the roof causing the black streaks. Historically, this type of mold and mildew was common in Florida, where persistently hot and humid conditions provide ideal conditions for algae growth. But over the last few years, Western North Carolina has experienced increasingly warm temperatures and jet stream currents that help bring mold spores from the south. Unfortunately, this combination has made black roof mold quite common in our area.

The spread of black roof mold can be compared to that of flowers. Winds blow mold spores from roof to roof until entire clusters of homes in a neighborhood are impacted. If you see black roof mold on one roof in a neighborhood, you can most certainly bet that scores of roofs surrounding it will have it growing in various stages. The only way to deal with the problem is safely cleaning the roof and maintaining that treatment on an annual or bi-annual basis, depending on how bad the problem is in a particular area.

Unfortunately the most common methods of cleaning can do more harm than good. For instance, most unquailified pressure washing companies or your local landscaper may lead you to beleive that “It will be O.K.” but pressure washing is enormously damaging to an asphalt shingle roof and will void the manufacturer’s warranty. It also removes the protective granules on a shingle, and can break and remove loose or damaged shingles, exposing the roof and leading to leaks. That is why a professional roof cleaner like WNC Pressure Wahsing and Roof Cleaning is essential to maintaining your home’s integrity.

Our soft wash roof cleaning system is approved by ARMA – Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, additionally our non-destructive roof cleaning process utilizes non-toxic chemicals. This process allows our professionals to combat roof mold and mildew without causing additional damage or putting pets or the environment at risk. As soft wash roof cleaning has becomes more popular in WNC, it is important that homeowners educate themselves on roof cleaning choices and the correct process involved. Then they can make educated decisions that put the safety of their home, themselves and the environment as a top priority.

WNC Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning, is in it’s ninth full season and is located in Waynesville, NC, we are a small family owned business that has a great reputation for customer service widely known for attention to detail and quality without compromise. We cleaned over 500 roofs and houses in Asheville, Waynesville, Sylva and surrounding area.

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