iphone 8 wireless charger

The iPhone 8 announced with a wireless charging should not be shipped with the wireless charger.

The iPhone 8 would have the wireless charging but the charger would be sold separately, says the blog Macotakara. In the box, you will not find either a USB-C cable or a 3.5mm jack adapter for the old headphones. To continue on a pessimistic note, only one of the three iPhone presented would have the wireless charging, and this one would be a technology less ambitious than expected.

The iPhone 8 will be sold at a gold price. The rumors evoke a price close to the $1000 (for the smallest storage capacity). Despite an invoice already announced as being quite high, Apple would consider to eat a little more the pennies of his loyal apple crunches. Indeed, according to the famous MacOtakara site, the iPhone 8 whose rumors suggest a wireless recharge could be delivered without the so-called wireless charger, a necessary accessory for the smooth operation of the smartphone. The base of the wireless charging would. However, be sold separately.

So to benefit from the new technology of wireless charging on the future iPhone 8 already teased by Tim Cook himself, Apple will have to shell out a certain amount of money. A recent concept speaks of a price around $70, a little over 60 euros. Other accessory that might not, or at least not figured in the packaging of the future iPhone, the Lightning adapter. The user will have to either draw without CB at Apple to afford a Lightning adapter, or switch to the AirPods (179 euros a pair). And in any case, the note will be salty! Does the Apple really want to ruin its customers.

Obviously as always with the rumors, these are to be taken with tongs. And the latest in dates from the Japanese blog Macotakara are also of this order. According to the Japanese blog, the wireless charger would not be included in the box when purchased but would be sold separately. As well as other seemingly essential accessories like the USB-C cable or the 3.5mm jack adapter.

iPhone 8: The wireless charging system would be less ambitious than announced

In addition, wireless charging could be less ambitious than advertised. With a contact charging system similar to that of the Apple Watch or the Samsung recharging system based on Qi. Apple could very well develop its own proprietary technology to force the use of its chargers. What made us lose our Latin after the announcements of a revolutionary wireless charging system within a radius of 5m.

Again, these rumors could turn out to be right or wrong. Macotakara also argues that only one of the three iPhones releasing in the coming months would have this recharge system. Possible suppliers of the wireless charging system would be MediaTek, Foxconn, Pegatron and Lite-On Semiconductor. In addition, the Japanese blog confirms that there would be 3 iPhone two of which would have a design similar to that of the iPhone 6, 6S and 7.