(Credits : web2carz.com)

With Apple stealing the show with Siri and Apple Car, a need was also felt on Microsoft behalf to have their own version of Window Car having wondrous Cortana backup. Cortana is the best and exceptional virtual assistant that has stolen the show with its mind-blowing features. Seeing the amazing fervor attached to this awesome virtual assistant from fans behalf, Microsoft is soon bringing this assistant to Windows car and thus making it so much easy for drivers.

The latest buzz about the expected Windows Car is that it would feature Cortana on the windshield and thus can be activated with engine either off or stalling at a stop light.  In addition, there are also some other expected news buzz coming about this wondrous car in future.

The Windows car sounds new but is expected to compete other prominent names in the industry and thus stealing the show. The mind-blowing featuring of Cortana in Windows car would make things pretty amazing for Windows car and users would be on cloud nine to see this. In addition, Cortana and HoloLens and GPS tracking will be amazing for the users and thus making it so much easy for drivers to enjoy the finest and convenient driving experience.


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