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The announcement of window 10 followed by its arrival was something extraordinary as so much anticipation and expectations were attached to this device. With the passing of every single day of its roll-out, the OS was turning out to be a sweetheart device. The recent declaration from the company turned out to be an awe-inspiring one as the official declared that there are as many as 200 million devices that are run by this operating system.

The awe-inspiring Windows 10 was released as a free download in July and the coolest part was that it powered both personal computers and also other devices such as tablets and phones. Microsoft really worked hard on this OS as its predecessor i.e., Windows 8 was heavily criticized due to some technical flaws.

Something really to cheer up for the Microsoft authorities is that almost two months ago, the figure was somewhere around 110 million devices and with the number doubling in a short span of time is really a huge achievement for Microsoft.

The great contribution to the above whopping figure is coming from retail consumers where devices such as Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console that has helped the adoption of Windows 10. However, the real success of Windows 10 can be assessed in case of take-up rate among businesses.

In addition, Microsoft would also need more mobile developers so as to build apps for Windows 10 as this is the area which needs so much of attention. If compared with iOS and android, the apps of Window 10 are so much less and that is why an intense need is felt to improve this lagging. Let’s see how Microsoft address this issue.


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