William Bonac Presented Unbelievable Physique: He Definitely Has a Chance to Win Olympia

After a long silence, William Bonac has shared his new photos with Instagram followers. The sportsman looks even more massive and shredded than ever before. William keeps preparing for the 2020 Olympia contest. Taking his new photos into consideration, he may look very impressive on the stage this year.

Olympia feels in the air weeks before the contest itself. While there are still around 17 weeks ahead, sportsmen discuss the upcoming event actively. Some are brave enough to reveal their plans and hopes. Others are in a hurry to show off their upgraded physiques.

William Bonac stayed in a shadow for a while. He preferred not to comment on the 2020 contest. Yet he couldn’t keep silent forever. Now it’s a good time to see how Willian changed in several months only. It’s hard to imagine, yet Bonac looks impressively more massive. He’s muscles are bulkier and much fuller.

William still has a lot of time to prepare. Yet he took advantage to start his preparation earlier. He already looks shredded and super lean. So, we guess, he has great chances to improve his Olympia position this year.

You don’t know the new me! I put back my pieces differently” – the bodybuilder wrote on his Instagram.

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