Saturday, May 8, 2021

William Bonac Is Going To Return His Champion Title in 2020

William Bonac has impressed the sports society with his amazing physique at 2019 Arnold Classic that was held in Ohio (The USA) just a few days ago. However, this year was not as lucky as it was expected for William and he took the second place, giving his champion’s title to Brandon Curry.

Such a result could be extremely upsetting for anyone. Being an ex-champion is definitely not what was planned by William before. However, the sportsman looked absolutely calm when the champion title was given to his main opponents.

In addition, Bonac joined those who congratulated Brandon Curry and wished him all the best. Sports experts told that such behavior of the sportsman is great evidence of being confident in his further victory next year.

The sportsman’s fans supported the idea, telling that both Bonac and Curry looked equally great and were worth the victory. Some sports fans started an endless discussion arguing who of the bodybuilders looked more impressive on the stage.

While there are many people who thought Bonac had all chances for the victory. The sportsman himself offered to stop arguing and to congratulate his opponent with the desired victory. Bonac also told that he agreed with the decision of the competition jury and the fact that Curry had the excellent physique and was the best among all participants on the stage.

However, William Bonac Told that he was not giving up and will, probably, return his champion title in 2020. A lot of the sportsman’s fans appreciated his words and cheered him up, telling that he stayed the number one for them.

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