William Bonac Celebrates His 38th Birthday Today!

William Bonac was born on the 18th of May 1982. Today he is 38. The sportsman with an outstanding biography posted a rare photo of him and told what he thinks about his own personality.

William Bonac knows what success is and how hard you shall work to get it. It’s hard to believe that a person can reach and do as much as he did still being young. The great sportsman whose name is well-known for millions of people is celebrating his birthday today with an army of his fans and hundreds of congratulations.

It looks like William is one of those people whose day of birth is never forgotten. No secret in that: the sportsman posted a reminder of his birthday on his Instagram page. However, the way he decided to do it is quite interesting.

To entertain his friends and fans, Bonac shared an old black-and-white photo of himself being a baby. ‘The Strongest Taurus. Has a backbone made of steel and a heart made of gold.’ – words that he started his post with. William decided to write a short and very sincere post, listing things that make him proud of himself. And those things are far not bodybuilding achievements but those features of character that made the sportsman a success winner, a good friend, and a great family man.

Friends, colleagues, and fans of the sports celebrity commented on his post with warm words and great wishes, saying that William Bonac is not only an outstanding bodybuilder but also a great person they are glad to know.

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