Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Will We See Victor Martinez At the Olympia Stage In 2019?

The Olympia contest is closer than one may think. Only a few months part us from the most awaited bodybuilding event of the year. However, when the sports fans are waiting for the competition with excitement, lots of sportsmen are worried, making an attempt to get qualification for the upcoming event.

Victor Martinez is a popular sportsman loved by thousands of fans, however, it’s still not clear whether we will see Victor taking part in the contest this year. Martinez is facing some issues on the way to getting his qualification and there is no clear prognosis about that.

Fortunately, Martinez stays positive and continues his training, developing incredible physique and impressive muscles. The sportsman was out of a race for a couple of years. However, most bodybuilding fans and sports expert remember him as a powerful bodybuilder and one of the strongest Olympia contestants.

12 years ago Martinez became a real sensation, getting an excellent chance to dethrone Jay Cutler who had already become a bodybuilding legend in 2007. Victor needed only a few more points to win the contest. After taking the second place that year, Martinez gained an army of admirers and great attention of media, however, he has never managed to repeat the same result.

It’s hard to say whether Martinez will ever manage to return his place in the contest. In any case, his fans have already noticed a great improvement of the sportsman’s physique. This may give us hope to see Victor at the Olympia stage again. And, who knows, maybe this year will become a revolutionary one for the career of the bodybuilder.

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