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For a few months, rumor has been circulating all around the web that Google is going to release a 7-inch Android tablet. According to sources, that device would be Nexus 7 2016. According to some rumor, the device would become a game changer once it enters the markets and hits the shelves because of its classy and advanced features.

The features are regarded as advanced because the sources claim that the features this device would possess would be new to the nexus series and have not been seen in the earlier Nexus devices. This news has created hype and people are eagerly waiting for its release. It will be interesting to observe how the device would do the two giant rival companies Apple and Samsung.

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Apple and Samsung are also rumored to be releasing their devices this year. The devices which both the companies will launch would be Tablets. The new model has not been announced by Google yet but fans are of a belief that it Google is already working on its latest tablet and it would come out with the newest Android software the “Android N”.

According to some sources, the latest software would make its debut with the latest device. The software’s would be newer to Android M or Android Marshmallow and would have some changings and new features for the latest devices as well as some old devices.

Google has not revealed the release date of its new tablet device but critics are of a belief that the possibility of a rollout this year is quite likely.

The device is said to target that specific audience who’s is demanding multitasking and love to perform different tasks at once on their tablets. The Google Nexus 7 2016 would love to attach such people with itself and give them a good user experience.

Allegedly Google is developing the device so it would fit well with its new and latest features. With so many rumors and speculations, a lot can be considered but they can turn out to be untrue as the official announcement has not been done yet by the Company itself.

Speculations suggest that the device would run on a Snapdragon 810 or 820. For the multitasking purpose, the company is planning to add a 4 GB of RAM for smooth usage and better multi-tasking experience.

Previous reports have also claimed that Google had hired the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei to manufacture the device for them and Huawei agreed and is currently working on the device.

Fans should note that these rumors or speculations have not been confirmed by Google so nothing should be rigidly believed until the company itself makes an official announcement regarding the device.

Tech freaks should take all such information with a grain of salt. As soon as the device releases it would be pretty evident before people that whether or not the rumors were authentic. It’s better to wait and hope for the best because Google certainly knows how to impress the audience.


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