Will Kai Greene Come Back?

Loyal fans of Kai Greene now have a hope to see their favorite sportsman on Olympia stage again. Just a couple of weeks ago this would look nothing but rumors. However, now the sportsman himself gave a reason to discuss the topic seriously.

This year Olympia surprised many sports experts and fans of bodybuilding. Kai Greene was among those sportsmen who commented the event actively. He showed great interest in 2018 Olympia, leaving comments in accounts of top bodybuilders.


Instagram followers of Greene were especially interested in his post dedicated to Shawn Rhoden. Greene congratulated his friend with the victory, starting his post with a phrase: “I’m coming for you!”. Kai Greene followers understood the words in different ways. Some decided it was a friendly joke. Others took Greene’s words as a desire to come back to Olympia stage.

Greene didn’t give any clear answer to his fans’ questions. However, in a couple of days he posted another funny picture about his possible comeback. It looks like Kai Greene is just having fun, creating an intrigue around his possible return. However, the sportsman has shown that he’s still interested in competitions and he’s watching all bodybuilding events carefully.

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LOL !!

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Who knows, perhaps, in the nearest future we will see Kai Greene competing again. Even if most bodybuilders don’t take him as a serious opponent, he may just have fun, participating in next year Olympia.

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