Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor met during 194 UFC fight night on December 12, 2015. The fight was called the main fight of the year and was awaited by millions of UFC fans. However, the event was finished incredibly fast. The fight lasted 13 seconds only and ended up with a brilliant victory of Irish fighter. McGregor’s left hook landed on Jose’s chin and, probably, that was the main reason for Aldo’s immediate loss of consciousness.

The fight became the shortest one in the history of UFC and became a reason for many mems and jokes. Jose Aldo was disappointed with his loss, calling it a bad lack. He told that the fight didn’t reveal real skills of two sportsmen and claimed that McGregor got his fast victory by chance. The event became a reason that made Aldo think about stopping his career, however, later the fighter decided to continue his training and asked the UFC management for a rematch.

Aldo has repeatedly tried to organize another meeting with McGregor, however, he has got several refusals. Jose still hopes to prove he has all chances to win over McGregor and it looks like Conor’s latest loss can give him a chance.

Jose told he’s ready to move up to a lightweight in order to take part in 231 UFC fight night. He is attracted not only by the opportunity to meet McGregor again. Jose Aldo also said he’d like to fight in Canada where he had his first successful UFC debut. The 231 UFC Fight Night is an important event that may help Aldo regain his former fame and status.



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