Thursday, June 30, 2022

Will Hany Rambod Become The Next Coach Of Big Ramy?

This year Olympia was a big shock for everybody. The results of the competition were really unexpected and surprising.

Everybody speaks about dethroning of 8-times Olympia champion Phil Heath, who was holding the first place since 2011. However, this year Heath was not the only one who experienced a painful loss. Big Ramy who took the second place in 2017, became 6th this year. The sportsman, who had a great hope to become a winner or at least the main competitor of the winner, was not even in the top-five of 2018 Olympia competitors.

Big Ramy took his loos seriously. Ramy shared an ‘apology’ post addressed to his followers in his Instagram account. The sportsman’s message revealed his great disappointment and pain. Some sports experts told Big Ramy could take a break to fight his possible depression and great frustration. However, instead of feeling blue, the sportsman soon showed he was ready for great changes.

A few days after the competition Big Ramy broke his contract with the Oxygen Gym and the Kuwait Camel Crew. The owner of Oxygen Gym and former Big Ramy’s official partner told that Ramy was about to return to his homeland and to continue his training in Egypt. However, Big Ramy was repeatedly seen with Hany Rambod who is a famous veteran trainer.

The bodybuilder’s fans made a conclusion that Hany Rambod could be Ramy’s potential coach. That wouldn’t be strange if not an interesting fact. Rambod is a trainer of Phil Heath who was Big Ramy’s main opponent a year ago. Sharing the same coach with one of your main competitors could be quite an eccentric choice.

Big Ramy didn’t comment on any information about his future plans. Currently, we can only guess who will become Ramy’s next coach and which team he will join.

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