(Credits : Digitaltrends.com)

Siri is totally a mind-blowing offering from Apple that has solved so many problems associated with the modern life. Gone are the days when there used to be so many hectic tasks that has to be performed. With the awe-inspiring features of Siri, the users can easily send messages, dial calls and most importantly car reservations. The inclusion of Siri in Apple TV has made things pretty amazing and a lot is expected from Siri in future.

Unlike other artificial assistants, Siri is truly a fun to operate and through several ways, you can easily talk to Siri. Moreover, the coolest function of Siri comes in supports CarPlay where it can be really amazing as far as voice-command button on your steering wheel and other operation are concerned. Moreover, through its location service, the users can easily track places such as location, home, or workplace. Moreover, also based on the data, you can conveniently ask for help on the basis of your location. The voice setting and most importantly, the language setting is amazing and with the so many language options, Siri can be a treat to operate.

Here, it is worth-mentioning that Siri for Apple users is available for limited countries and would soon be extended globally once the accent problem is solved.


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