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Like other companies such as Google, Microsoft and a few more, Apple has attached severe importance to artificial intelligence as it seems to be a mind-blowing heartthrob technology these days. With all the major names in the industry investing billions in this technology, Apple has turned out to be the one that is excelling the field for the time being.

Thanks to Apple for making Siri – an astounding application part of our lives and without which the artificial intelligence would not have been a sweetheart phenomenon. The artificial assistant of Apple is truly an amazing application and which truly has made everything exceptional for users. Every day, we are made familiar with a new buzz regards to Apple and thus which make it a truly classic phenomenon. Apple has also purchased VocalIQ, which is considered as a special name in the artificial assistance technology.

 It has been good to hear that Apple has acquired Perceptio that will truly give a touch of elegance to this astounding artificial assistant. If compared with Cortana, Apple’s Siri is a sweetheart technology and has been inspiring millions since its introduction. The best part about Siri is that this technology is offering various new services and features and is also part of so many devices including Apple TV.



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