(Credits : Phonearena.com)

Not only the announcement of Android Marshmallow was something to cheer about, but also the list of devices that are to receive the update facility. The devices that made to the final list were exemplary ones because these devices were successfully able to impress the team of Android experts and thus stole the show.    

As we all know, Nexus line-up generally and Nexus 7 specifically is the most highly acclaimed device and which has won laurels for its amazing performance. Although, Nexus 7 from 2012 failed to impress the audience, however, its updated version, i.e. Nexus 7 (2013) successfully qualified. This awarding was met with different kind of responses from different users. 

Nexus 7 (2013) is truly an amazing tablet from Google and its up to date features unlike Nexus (2012) has won the award of Marshmallow update for it. The enticing news for diehards is that the company has released the factory images of the Marshmallow update for Nexus devices and thus made spree. Moreover, the process of updating for other devices is also on the cards.

However, it has also to be kept in mind that this will be the last update for Nexus 7 and there is no more update for Nexus 7 in the future. Here, it is worth-mentioning that the new Android OS will be the best one.


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