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Just type iPhone 7 on Google search engine and you will be amazed to see millions of informative blogs, articles and much more that would help you to know that how iPhone 7 has made spree. Although, there are so many rumors regarding iPhone 7, still, the exclusion of Home button feature, and bezel-free display has made all discussions in favor of iPhone.

In addition, the waterproof phenomenon is the new and wonderful buzz in this list. This awe-inspiring technology is expected be taken from Apple Watch and embedding into new devices is also on the cards. Although, most of the other companies have also included this technology into its gadgets, still, its inclusion in iPhone 7 would make things amazing.

The wrap-around screen has truly inspired millions and would make be a the best technological feature so far, the bezel-free device if collaborated with wrap-around screen can make things more in its favor. With the passage of every single day, we are receiving news regards to this wonderful device which helps us in knowing that it can be the best offering that ever happens to our lives. The expected release is March 2014 and which has made fans more joyful.


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