'Why Him?' Movie Reviews
'Why Him?' Movie Reviews

Bryan Cranston plays a paternal father and James Franco rich, new nasty friend in this comedy by director of “I love you, man ‘.

'Why Him?' Movie Reviews

The first scene Why he? You said exactly what they are in for. A young woman named Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) speaks of video chat with her older friend, Laird (James Franco). His joke goes from flirty dirty, like Laird riffs on, how hot it is soothing and Stephanie Gurren “Until later almost black balls” (yeah, you read correctly). Then, as an exclamation mark a sudden flash of pubic hair Laird – and go on a marathon 111 minutes of slang and expletives idiot, rude and rebellious jokes frighten some fun.

Why he? This is what happens when Stephanie Laird introduces his family, namely his protector and guardian (Bryan Cranston). This latest version of a story we have seen several times – the father of the parents of the bride Vincente Minnelli (who was written by the director of this film, John Hamburg) – not particularly good nor bad. To be honest, these adjectives seem very relevant.

What you know about why? That is, it is very iconic (or symptomatic?) From R-Rated Comedy The current study, which so far has resulted in the sexual and scatological superiority that the scene is American Pie, for example, now it seems picturesque. Bad moms last summer, suburban matriargues hit shots condemned, used each other and used head of a friend to show how to treat an uncircumcised penis – a children’s game against all Why he? Struck by elk testicles; The same child “motorboating” his father (if you are not familiar with this custom, not to see); And a subsequent insurance for parents and daughters of all ages winds in complaints.

Of course, the best half-recent subgenre’s indecent and crude cartoons tickets – Bridesmaids and Knocked Up, to name two – are really something. Even in a case like the above bath mothers, raucous behavior is felt on reality (the pressure of the 21st century women feel, do and have everything). What he ?, However, there is little sense and purpose of the anarchic sentence and timid characters. Almost no one is registered as a human being; It’s just a pretext to push another series of outrageousness on.

The result is an efficient machine, but the dark and cynical comedy: you will laugh, but it is probably a visceral response to pure intimidation view that instead of a real fun reaction. And I hate morning.

The action is simple: Stephanie, a student at Stanford sunny, fell in love with Laird, a billionaire Silicon Valley 32 years. Stephanie invites your family to healthy Michigan – the proud father Ned (Cranston) to meet the mother hacker Barb (Megan Mullally) and the little brother early Scotty (Griffin Gluck) – Laird and spend the holidays in your vicinity Xanadu where llamas go through The vast country and students who live in the interior so extensively.

Stephanie seems inexplicably optimistic about the situation because Laird, you know the worst – frat boy / hybrid monstrous trendy trousers in step and ridiculous tattoos (one on the back of Stephanie’s family) whose hobbies are collection of evil deeds, unsolicited And inadequate kiss, exchange and free graphic curse. Hamburg and co-author Ian Helfer did not even try to make a convincing argument why Stephanie’s feet would fall on the ground for this narcissistic derailment; The relationship that interests the filmmakers is that between Ned and Laird.

Hamburg is clearly fascinated by the serious gay relationships: Guided funny sly I love you, man (2009), where Paul Jacket-to-be recruits Paul Rudd, Jason Segel his best man to be kind cool, and co -penned zoolander and Meet the parents, centered around both the male competition. Also in Hamburg in 2004 Rom-Com And then she came, the most intense moment not between Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston; It is for a pickup basketball game when Stiller’s face hit – in slow motion and with soundeffects from the turmoil of the stomach – against the hairy, muscular, chest of the opponent sweat without shirt.

This image of panic forced intimacy male finds its equivalent in why he? When Laird bathrobe, just from a hot shower, Ned pulled into a warm, humid embrace. But it is not just the delicate sensuality of Laird and ignorance of the boundaries that make Ned begin to shake. The young man made a killing in the technology industry, while Ned only kept his small, independent pressure; Wealth and extravagant lifestyle seemingly effortlessly Laird is an affront to the work ethic of the old school of Ned and traditional values ​​of the middle class.

It is the comic potential in this confrontation between frivolity and humble Millennium in the Midwest middle-aged, and you can not throw him Why? The lack of energy or purpose. In any case, the film is in his determination to make relentless his mouth open in their various performances of shock humor. But he is so busy, forcing his main characters to make crass by these pieces – like flesh through a grinder – have little space to develop unexpected rhythms and textures. These are the accessories rather than people.

That is, the tracks lead their clubs competently. Franco is gonzo (and, of course, winking self-reflection), while Cranston Ned anger blows directly through Everydad’s affable façade. Mullally, meanwhile, is a professional consumed when the situation is starting to laugh – and kicking intact with her dignity – a scene where a stone barb fun Ned tries with his feet.

Blacking out all Keegan’s Michael Key as a loyal assistant Laird, Gustav, by far the original creation of the film. The expression on his face, when digesting a very complicated modern toilet Ned-drowned is almost worth the price of the recording alone. There are cameos of Adam DeVine (Mike and Dave have dates wedding) and the wonderful Andrew Rannells (girls) – and less pleasant, Elon Musk and Kiss.

Hamburg leads with the necessary plume to give his team, as he should distract us from the lack of real feeling in all the noise and movement. However, the rules of romantic comedy dictate that evil Laird is actually a lost child with a heart of gold, and he and grumpy old Ned solve their problems and embrace. The testicles elk seemed more authentic.

Why Him?‘ Movie 20th Century Fox Description :

Directed : John Hamburg
Produced : Stuart Cornfeld, Dan Levine, Shawn Levy, Ben Stiller
Screenplay : John Hamburg, Ian Helfer
Story : Jonah Hill, John Hamburg, Ian Helfer
Cast : James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch, Megan Mullally, Griffin Gluck, Keegan-Michael Key
Music : Theodore Shapiro
Cinematography : Kris Kachikis
Edited : William Kerr
Production company : 21 Laps Entertainment, Red Hour Productions, TSG Entertainment
Distributed : 20th Century Fox