(Credit : Anandtech.com)

It took long sessions for Google to test and then verify the latest Android Marshmallow OS. Once the update was released, the response was so much jaw-dropping and praise from the experts also made this OS a special one.

Unlike the previous updates, the release of this update was rather different Google authorities follow a step-wise approach for its roll-out. Once Google released the final code of Android Marshmallow in September, it was supposed to be for limited devices and first to come in this regard was Nexus line-up. As far as Nexus 7 is concerned, its 2012 version was excluded from the list while the later versions were awarded the update facility. But the complete update process for Nexus 7 would also take some times as in the first place, only a  few owners of this device were awarded Marshmallow update and will be followed by other owners.

The approach regards to the release of Nexus 7 Marshmallow was a sequential one and was made available for download as factory image sometime and followed by roll-out.

For user information, all they have to do is to download the factory image for your device and make sure that Google USB drivers are working and also make sure that the latest Android SDK version is installed on your PC. Moreover, once the download is complete, extract the factory image, carry on with the boot the phone (or tablet) in Fastboot Mode and then connect it to the PC via a USB cable. Using this method would enable you to easily launch the new OS on your device and you would enjoy the new features of this mesmerizing software.


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