(Credits : comsoc.org)

With 4G LTE still being a heart favorite technology, still, there is always a margin of improvement and enhancement. The desire of the fans to have access to the fastest mobile internet service is the reason why mobile companies and other service providers are working hard to access this new technology.

The access to 5G standards is a dream and there were so many speculations regarding who will be the first one to take step. Samsung and its brilliant partner KDDI, have come up with an unexpected announcement. The news in the middle is that both the companies have issued a press release for 5G standard development and are working in strong collaboration in this regard. There are also rumors that LG has been working really hard in this regard to achieve this development.

Despite the fact that 5G standards would be accessible to users in the coming two to three years, the recent announcement is expected to speed things up and bring some more good news to the fans. In this regard, a lot is expected from the ingenious partnership of Samsung and KDDI.

The iconic companies that have joined hands have promised to give a full swing to its research and it is expected that 5G development would be a mind-blowing solution for mobile internet subscribers.



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