Valentines Day is just around the corner and men and women all around the world are looking for the perfect gift to get to their significant other. However, although every country has its own traditions regarding Valentine’s Day, Japan is always a bit different. In particular, in Japan, it is the women that are mostly responsible of purchasing a good gift for their boyfriend.

A tradition in Japan for Valentines Day


Of course, proud Japanese women keep that tradition. And this is something that chocolate shops around Japan are actually going to be taking advantage of. But aren’t they all? And this is where things get interesting because one of the most intelligent Valentine’s Day gifts has actually appeared. An actual pair of shoes created entirely out of chocolate.

If you live in Japan then the only thing you have to do in order to see that pair of chocolate is to simply pay visit to the hotel in Osaka, selling the shoes. The truth is that, even the most professionals on the field are actually confused by the manufacturing process. The shoes look so real. Anybody could mistake them for being leather. Even the shoelaces. Well, they are not. They are completely made out of chocolate and they seem delicious.

Would you get the shoes?

If you want to follow the Japanese tradition be the one to get the important Valentine’s Day gift to your boyfriend and perhaps you might want to think about this one. It is fun, it is loving and it is definitely something that your boyfriend will appreciate. After all, purchasing chocolates for Valentine’s Day is definitely the right gift.

Why not a chocolate pair of shoes? It could truly be something completely different. And we’re definitely sure that your boyfriend is going to appreciate it. After all, he’s not going to be eating it alone. You’re both going to enjoy a gift and since Valentine’s Day is a day for loving someone and showing them how important they are to you, why not simply spend the entire day laughing at something so strange yet so tasty?

There are other crazy chocolate things you can buy

If you do not think that, these shoes are the right Valentine’s Day gift then, by doing a little bit of research you will find out that, there are way more equally strange and peculiar ideas out there. The key point here is for you to always make sure that it is going to be chocolate. This is the way you will show your love during Valentine’s Day. Via the remarkable taste of chocolate.

Everybody is purchasing simple chocolate hearts and chocolate bites during Valentine’s Day. Why not do that something extra that is going to make you seem extraordinary? Why not purchase something strange yet incredibly fun? We’re definitely sure that your significant other is most certainly going to appreciate it. If however you are determined on getting the shoes, the current price is at $260.