(Credit : Macrumors.com)

There is still a long way to go for iPhone 7 release, still the following of iPhone 7 is so wild and the rumors and sketch videos plus sketch diagrams are adding fuel to the fire. There are lots of differences to be observed when it comes to iPhone 7 and the first one is the absence of Home button feature. According to the recent viral video, the new feature is expected in iPhone 7 and thus a complete front display with no free space is so far the best feature.

As far as the new vine regards to iPhone 7 is concerned, we are made known through some sources that iPhone 7 is launching water proof iPhone 7 with new Apple Watch in next summers. Although, other flagships have already offered waterproof smartphones, but in case of iPhone 7, it would truly be a world class phenomenon. It is also expected that iPhone 7 may also stretch right around the deviceĀ  and thus making the design even more mesmerizing.

Wow, if these features turned out to be true, imagine wat kind of device would iPhone 7 be and this truly would make things amazing for us. Apple is truly a mind-blowing name when it comes to innovations.


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