(Credits : theweek.co.uk)

Every now and then, we are shocked by wondrous upcoming features that iphone 7 would have inside. We have already known through concept videos that iPhone 7 would be a completely restructured and redesigned gadget. The latest buzz about iPhone & relates to the acquiring of new patent which reveals that iPhone 7 might include a built-in “panic button”. Furthermore, this patent will enable IPhone 7 to include a fingerprint scanner while serving as a home button. This scanner would be used to lock the device and also transmit a warning signal to the emergency services.

The coolest thing about this new patent is that it allows phone’s data to be rendered inaccessible unless owner authorization. Moreover, camera and microphone can easily find out as to who is using the phone and finally getting busted.

Another mesmerizing feature about Apple is that it has a purchased a patent that would allow iPhones to squirt water from their speaker ports. This indeed is the newest technology adopted by iPhone and is known as ‘Liquid Expulsion From An Orifice’. This can be the new beginning for future phones that could use electrical charges for pushing water out of their speakers. Let us see how this feature of producing sound waves in order to “blast” water from the phone’s orifices turns out to be.

Although, wrap-around and bezel free screen and waterproof technology that are already rumored to be part of iPhone 7, still these two new patents would make things more special.


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