(Credits : technologynewsextra.com)

It is so kind of Apple as the iconic company is planning to release iPhone 6C with the motive to reach every sort income-level consumers. The fascinating gadget iPhone 6C that going to be launched in early 2016 is expected to be available with in amazingly large number to its consumers. With this massive release, Apple is also making way for the release of iPhone 7 Mini that with a 4-inch display is expected to be the new trend-setter.

As far as the price of iPhone 6C is concerned, the tech experts are expecting that the new device would be available around $400 and $500 and thus spreading a wave of delight among the fans. The coolest thing about iPhone 6C that makes this offering odd one out is that it will also feature NFC and Apple Pay and thus further advancing the payment system that is already the most innovative among the mobile contemporaries.

The protection with metal chassis in different color variations is also making something that is offering different flavors to the users. As far as the comparison with its 5S is concerned, the device is expected to come with the same camera and processor and also with some more internal storage.

Most of the experts are of the opinion that the motive behind such a massive level iPhone 6C is an attempt to enhance its revenues and orders and also increasing the fervor for the release of iPhone 7.



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