The fascinating thing about Apple is that it has truly glamorized the technological world. The insane fervor is witnessed on the day when the gadget of Apple is released. The craze gets doubled when Phablets such as the recent iPhone 6s gets released. Although, the craze of iPhone 6s and 6s plus is reaching new horizons, new and new updates are coming about iPhone 7 and thus the following is immensely increasing for this upcoming mesmerizing phone.

A video about iPhone 7 that has widely spread across the internet contains some new expectedly enticing ideas about the iPhone 7. The good news according to this video is that iPhone 7 might say adios to the home button. Moreover, the video also reveals that there would be no extra space on the front face and would be wholly and solely taken by the screen.

Apple has also geared up to include wireless charging into iPhone 7 and thus has lined up with other name in the industry such as Samsung, Sony and LG. This feature was on the cards as far as iPhone 7 is concerned as Apple phones were previously were not being able to recharged without being plugged in. By keeping in view, the users demand and also the inclusion of wireless charging facility by the other giants in the industry compelled iPhone manufacturers to include this facility.

As far as the manufacturing point of view is concerned, iPhone 7 could possibly be included with an Intel chip instead of A9 chip from Qualcomm. Moreover, there is also a buzz that iPhone 7 might get assistance from both the companies i.e. Intel and Qualcomm to expertly design its new issues. Moreover, iPhone 7 also could bring changes in its design as far as thinness of the body is concerned.

We will inform you about the latest updates as soon as we receive news from our resources.


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