Westworld Theories: Malfunctions are nor Malfunctions
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HBO’s Westworld really does have a strange plot cooking in the oven as season one aired its second episode showing that there is more to the strange behavior of the robots.

According to the writer, Jessica Hickam, it is possible that the character of Anthony Hopkins, Dr. Robert Ford is behind the strange robot behavior and he is doing it intentionally too. It seems that Dr. Ford is a genius to create this robot with emotional memory, other than that there is also motive present, says Hickam. The character seems to regret what he has created, a world that aims to satisfy the sadistic parts of humanity. He may want something more from Westworld and may just be the show’s hero.

This Westworld theory also explains the reason behind Dr. Ford’s adoration for his creations, while he adores them he also regrets them. Either way, it is possible that he is not happy with the treatment his creations are getting and would like the world to see that they are more than just pleasure bots. That being said, he made the move to give the reports souls to grow and evolve to a new kind of being, hence the robot with emotional memory.

By the end of the show, we may see a robot that is already close to being human, that may just be the goal of their creator.

One thing is for sure after merely two episodes, Westworld already has thousands of people squeezing their consciousness for a good analysis of the series, something that was also triggered by the series, Lost.


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