With the onset of summer in Treasure Valley, people will love to spend their days now in swimming in the pools, having a backyard barbecue or even camping. However, the warm summer season also rings along the warnings of the West Nile Virus with it.

On Tuesday, the Canyon County officials made an announcement that the mosquitoes which were collected near Parma test positive for the West Nile Virus. Notably, this is the first test to have tested positive in 2018.

According to Ed Burnett, Director, Canyon County Mosquito Abatement District the insects infected with the virus were collected for the test for Friday from the Scott Pitt Road and Hexon Road located close to the Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area and later were sent to Idaho Bureau of Laboratories. The test confirmed that the insects were infected with the deadly virus.

Burnett further said that this is one of the earliest discoveries to have been made since the year 2006 when an outbreak of West Nile had resulted in about 1000 Idahoans falling sick, claiming the lives of 23 people of them. Around 180 human cases the same year were recorded in Canyon County.

However, Burnett stressed on the fact that an early discovery of the virus does not actually take away the chances of having a disastrous West Nile season.

The test reports are still a little surprising as the Treasure Valley has not yet witnessed high temperatures in the recent days, he further said. And mosquitoes are known to survive in places which have really hot weather.

‘Fogging’ was carried out by the abatement district on Friday while one more round will be carried on Tuesday.

The officials of the mosquito abatement are now urging people to take measures and protect themselves from getting infected with the virus as the temperatures start heating up and the mosquitoes invade. 


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