Wesley Vissers is Looking Super Strong Before 2019 Arnold Classic

The closer the 2019 Arnold Classic competition is, the hotter the upcoming contest is promising to be. It looks like this year the Classic Physique Division will become a real battlefield for great bodybuilders.

The competition between Breon Ansley, Chris Bumstead, and George Peterson is especially interesting to the bodybuilding fans. Sports experts can’t give any clear prediction about the future champion, however, no one has doubts that the contest may become one of the most intriguing in the history of the sport.

Moreover, it looks like there’s another great participant who can become a real danger for the traditional leaders of the contest. Wesley Vissers hasn’t wasted his time this year and worked hard enough to present an excellent physique.

Wesley is a young bodybuilder who started as an enthusiast and quickly developed the shape of a real pro. The sportsman is coming to his success with incredible speed and makes his fans impressed with great physical improvements year after a year.

Wesley has already proven his right to be among the best representatives of the Classic Physique division. However, a great performance at the upcoming competition can become an important and very desirable achievement for the ambitious bodybuilder.

In addition, Wesley feels very motivated before the contest after some of the sports experts listed his name among possible leaders of 2019 Arnold Classic. The sportsman intrigued his fans, telling about a very special year of training he has had. He had some important changes in his training program and finally, he is ready to show the result.

The sportsman posted some of his photos 10 days before the upcoming Arnold Classic competition, allowing his fans to evaluate the result of his hard work. Vissers looks great, posing and demonstrating his massive muscles and excellent lean body.

Will such transformation bring the desired victory t the sportsman? We can know it for sure in a few days only.

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