Wesley Vissers Gained Some Weight

Wesley Vissers has always had an excellent physique. The sportsman lives a very healthy life, caring about his diet, everyday training, and posing skills. Wesley has great proportions and this makes his body look great any time of a year.

However, Wesley would better look on the beach than on the professional stage of a bodybuilding competition. He looks very natural and inspires many people to take care of their appearance and body shape. But he needs more mass to reach any great success in the professional sport.

Sports experts have often criticized Wesley for looking too slim. They have also often called him ‘The Old-School Bodybuilder” as his proportions reminded top bodybuilders of the previous generation. This never used to stop Wesley from going his own way and keeping the same tactic of training and preparation for the competitions. However, it looks like this year Wesley changed his mind.

Now, in the offseason, Wesley looks as massive as never before. The sportsman has improved his physique incredibly. His fans also noticed that he changed his training program and the attitude to the sport itself.

Wesley changed his approach, making it more professional and noticeably harder. His body quickly reacted on the recent changes and now his muscles look more aesthetic and massive.

The result that Wesley demonstrates impressed his fans. The sportsman managed to improve his physique in the shortest time. It’s very interesting to see next year performance of the sportsman and his renewed shape. Who knows, perhaps, now we evidence first steps of Wesley to his future champion throne.

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