Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Welcome to the gym 101

The gym can be a pretty magical place if you know how to use it correctly, inside you have all kinds of people with different goals and purposes that drive them to the edge so they can accomplish their dream body, meanwhile you have other individuals that just go to gym to chill and gain social status so they can post something like this on facebook and twitter when they get home; “Just got back from the gym, that was hard #GymLife #Swag #Fitlife”, well, let me say that you don’t want to be that type of person, trust me, if those people exercised more than they talked or texted they would have a Greek god’s physique by now.

When you walk into the gym it is highly recommended to have an idea of what you want to achieve, just think for a second, what’s the main purpose of you going to the gym?, do you want strength, power, a Greek god’s physique? Or do you want all of it? If you are like me you will agree that having the whole package is the goal. In order to achieve your goal you must not get distracted, leave your phone in your car, don’t have long conversations and don’t look at what everyone else is doing, focus on yourself!

If you want an overpowering physique you have to do 3 basic exercises to develop your core; deadlifts to develop your back and gain strength in your abs, bench press to power you upper body up and lastly but more importantly squats for legs, if you don’t work out legs don’t even call yourself a gym rat, legs and back are the foundation of your body, if you develop your core your secondary body parts will grow with it (Arms, forearms etc.).

If you’re a fan of CrossFit, pilates or yoga that’s cool I mean these are pretty interesting activities, in my own personal opinion CrossFit is more of a pastime it will make you stronger and will develop your body to some point but it has nothing on weight lifting or bodybuilding to be more specific, I wouldn’t get near a pilates class but would give yoga a try, even though it’s not a manly activity per se it helps with flexibility and relaxation, you need to have some balance and yoga will balance the weightlifting out, trust me, when you bodybuild for a few years without practicing other sports you get rusty so going for a run or a jog will help you keep on moving nicely.

Don’t be afraid to go to the gym, don’t be intimidated and go and do what you feel like doing, people will judge you for being new at it but after a few years you will see that the cards will change, just keep going and don’t listen to what anybody tells you, you set your own limits.

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