Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Weightlifter From Iran Sohrab Moradi Breaks 3 World Records and Sweeps Gold

IWF Weightlifting World Championships were really incredible and exciting this year. A large number of athletes claim and set new World Records.

Everyone remembers how weightlifter from China Shi Zhiyong performed in the -71kg weight class and set three world records and got three gold medals.

This time, Sohrab Moradi from Iran did the same in the -96kg category. On the 7th of November, he participated in the competition with such athletes, as Nicolae Onica from Romania and Tian Tao from China.

Moradi opened with 181kg on the snatch, but missed his second attempt with 186kg. his third attempt brought Moradi a good lift of 186kg and it was enough to take the first place and set a world record. His 181kg opening snatch matched second place of Tao, which was his best attempt.

186kg snatch is now the new world record in the -96 category, but the previous world record of Moradi in -94kg weight class is 189kg.

Moradi opened with an easy 223kg in the clean&jerk and surpassed the World Standard with his second 230 attempt. Tao opened with 215kg and had a 226kg second attempt. His third attempt to top Moradi’s second 230kg was not successful. Moradi’s third attempt finished with 237kg.

Moradi earned a gold medal in total with 416kg (186kg snatch and 230 clean & jerk) and another World Record, which sits 1kg behind his previous 417kg world record in -94kg weight class set in 2017.

Moradi performed perfectly in the -96kg weight class, so it will be exciting to watch him and other athletes making up this weight category.



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