Monday, May 16, 2022

Way Of Shanique: What We Know About 2018 Miss Olympia

Shanique Grand was a real diamond on Olympia stage this year. The sportswoman has great proportions and physique. She amazed visitors and judges of the competition with her confident and very graceful posing.

From the first minutes on stage, this young woman was noticeable, there were no doubts that she will take one of the top places in this year competition. Shanique has obviously great genetic and natural charisma. Many sports critics called the new Miss Olympia ‘lucky’. However, not a luck but hard work and determination stand behind her victory.

Shanique started her way to the top when she was a teenager. Her greatest desire has always been winning one of the top places in serious bodybuilding competitions like Olympia. She has dedicated her whole life to hard work and daily regime. No excuses, no being lazy. This woman turned herself into a real sports machine with an only aim to become a world champion in the sport. The only thing Shanique is really lucky for is her genetic. The woman has long beautiful legs and arms, wonderful proportions and physical ability to work hard year after a year.

Shanique’s aim has always been winning the Olympia competition. However, she couldn’t appear on stage in 2016 and 2017. Grand had great chances to demonstrate excellent physique during 2016 Olympia, however, it didn’t happen. In 2016 several weeks before the competition, the woman was attacked and injured with a knife. Shanique lost around 1 liter of blood. Skin, muscles, and nerves of her arm were injured badly. The sportswoman was not able to pose and there was no chance to take part in 2016 Olympia.

After that case and a long period of rehabilitation, Shanique came back to her training. However, 2017 was an unlucky year for her as well. The sportswoman started to have problems with her eyes. Soon after that, the retinal detachment was diagnosed. The only way to save the woman’s sight was to undergo a serious surgery.

Right after the surgery and long time after, any sports activity was forbidden to Shanique. She was restricted not only from hard training but from many routine activities as well.

Many bodybuilders would take a long break after those difficult years, however, not Shanique. The sportswoman found a way to stay fit and used any safe opportunity to work on her physical shape. She managed to enter 2018 Olympia and won the first place. Shanique is officially the youngest Olympia champions and one of the youngest bodybuilders of this level. She has a bright future, however, her success is gotten not by a chance – it’s a result of a hard work and strong character.


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