Brute Strength on YouTube

Brute Strength publishes another YouTube installment named “Brute Showdown” which is extremely popular.

Four athletes are pit against each other at the top of the game, namely a powerlifter, an Olympic weightlifter, a bodybuilder, and a CrossFit athlete.

This year, the World Weightlifting Championships silver medalist Mattie Rogers, powerlifter Maddy Forberg, former Ms. Olympia Dana Linn Bailey, and Brooke Ence, former CrossFit Games competitor compete with each other.

Four athletes compete in a max clean and max deadlift even, and the CrossFit workout took place last week.

The host Adrian Conway was teasing for a while a football combine event this week. The event includes a broad jump, vertical jump, a 40-yard dash, and shuttle run. No max bench press event is included.

Watch the video below. It’s worth seeing.



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