Watch New Predictions On 2019 Mr. Olympia Winners By Jay Cutler

Finally, finally, finally the 2019 Mr. Olympia Weekend started! Jay Cutler changed his predictions on the winners though.

This year, the main bodybuilding completion is unpredictable and has seen many changes already. Both the 212 Division and the Men’s Open Division will give the world new champions.

We are all excited, especially in the light of recent mysterious events. Former Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is especially excited. He already predicted the 2019 Mr. Olympia titles. But now, with the start of the weekend, he changed his choices.

According to Cutler and his YouTube video, everything is changed due to the presence of Hadi Choopan at the competition. Since Choopan announced to compete in the Open, things may change drastically. Cutler is excited to see the battle of Hadi Choopan and Dexter Jackson. Here are the differences between two athletes, according to Jay Cutler:

“I think Dexter definetly has better shape than Hadi, but the thing is, listen it all comes down to hardness and detail.

We’ve seen Hadi’s legs are very detailed, whereas Dexter’s kind of lacked that crazy detail in his legs, even when he was the winner.

But Dexter does that small waist, and his legs looked good at that Tampa show, and I had a guy argue with me tonight, he says Dexter’s going to win the show.”

Cutler narrows down to these two bodybuilders only. Not only Cutler but all of us are excited about this year’s competition!

Watch Cutler’s video below:

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