Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Watch Nathan De Asha Talking About His Rare Eye Infection

Nathan De Asha has got a very rare eye infection and was threatened to lose his sight.

 “Basically, I’ve got a very rare infection in both of my eyes if it would have been kept any longer, I basically could have lost sight in my left eye”.

In his video, De Asha gave some tips to his fans..

 “Don’t neglect nothing, literally nothing. Your health and your sight is one thing“.

Nathan is taking lots of antibiotics. His sight was only about 20 percent, and, thus, he couldn’t even drive to the gym.

However, he explains how he wanted to train his legs and appeared in the hospital. Now he realized that he should totally recover first and only then come back to his training.

We wish Nathan De Asha to recover the soonest…

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