Watch Keone Pearson Talking About His Move To 212 Division

The whole bodybuilding community was shocked by the decision to move from Classic Physique to 212 division announced by Keone Pearson. He explained why he decided to do it.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we saw the Olympia debut of Keone Pearson. He earned his 4th place in Classic Physique even though he made his first run at the Olympia. The fans of the Classic Physique division were impressed by his shape and performance. in particular, they were interested in what steroids helped him achieve such a low level of fat so quickly

But everyone was really surprised by the announcement made by Pearson about his decision to stop competing in Classic Physique. He is moving to the 212 Division. And here is how he explained to Shawn Ronline why he decided to do it.

“Yeah man, 212 is definitely the direction we planned on going to, me and my coach. It’s always been in our back pocket, but we just wasn’t going to say anything at the time, until after the Olympia. So it was just time to make that move.”

Pearson struggled when making 180lbs for the Olympia and this is what made him change his decision.

 “I think it would just be a pain in the butt just keep trying to make 180lb. My body wants to grow.

Honestly, I’d say I was a week and half, two weeks out, I was 188lbs for the Olympia.

I was shredded at 188lbs, and my coach had the bright idea, he was like ‘This is like, okay. You can really do 212.

You’re shredded at 188lbs, and so now we’ve got to sacrifice muscle just to get you to 180.’”

He explains he wasn’t going to make that sacrifice.

Keone Pearson explained also that this is preventing him from being at his full potential and that he feels like being able to grow and fill out his frame. Now his physique is excellent and he will have to lose it and outgrow his waist but Keone doesn’t see any problem in it.

 “There’s ways to do things. Genetically I have a small waist. I practice my posing a lot, I train my vaccum, so that will never go away.

Honestly I feel like if I put on more mass, that’s just going to bring out my shape even more. I just feel like I’ve got room to grow.”

Pearson confessed that Shawn Ray has a perfect physique for the 212 Division and he has a hope to look similarly. They are almost of the same height, so we will see if Pearson can have the same physique.

Check out the full interview of Keone Pearson below!


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