Watch Dogs 2
(Image: Polygon)

Watch Dogs 2 developed by Ubisoft Montreal is released on Microsoft windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Being launched in the month of November 2016, the game brings with it a lot of new elements. With San Francisco as the backdrop, the game presents the whole set in a fictionalized format. The players can explore the city while taking on the journey of adventure. The players get to shoot while driving around the city. If the players get involved in too many criminal activities then the police shall have to come over to rescue the players. The highly activated game mechanics have created a huge buzz in the market.

The new version of Watch Dogs 2 provides multiple options in case of choosing weapons while attacking each other. Using guns to shoot and various other tools to hack the entire game is based on a chasing each other and of taking on revenge. The multi-player option gives the players the chance to co-mingle. The new elements such as the bounty hunters and the invasions are features that make the game very interesting and engrossing. With an expectation of making it a huge hit in the present market producer Dominic Guay has finally broken the long silence on the release date of this much-awaited video game.


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