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Not that it needs an introduction, but Watch Dogs 2 is the next ultimate open-world game by Ubisoft. This sequel of Watch Dogs (released in 2014) is set to release globally 29th of November this year on Windows platform. If you loved the first game in the franchise, you are sure to fall in love with this one as the review ratings are going off the charts.

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Developers Ubisoft Montreal have spared no extra mile in making the graphics of the game as realistic as today’s technology can make it. The trailers and teasers are absolutely stunning, they will make you only more excited for the game!

The story of this sequel is also very exciting, filled with conspiracies and super-spy stuff. Try to predict nothing about the surprises planned for you in this game, because you will be surprised nonetheless. To help fans get on track, we have compiled everything that Ubisoft has allowed the public eyes to see about the game.

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This information is collected through trailers, teasers, press releases and reviewers related to the kick-ass action role-playing game. This article will include the background story and the features that Ubisoft Montreal has procured in Watch Dogs 2’s singleplayer gameplay.

Story And Gameplay:

The story features a new lead character: Marcus Holloway. Marcus becomes the victim to a super-tech operating system known as ctOS 2.0, as the ctOS 2.0’s predictive algorithms frame Marcus for committing a crime he did not commit. The only way of getting himself out of trouble is for Marcus to take down the ctOS 2.0 completely.

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Completely unpredictable side stories are planted all over the game world which you can set into action in various ways. For instance, you will have contacts who will provide you with necessary information and dish out optional contracts with rewards if completed.

Watch Dogs 2 close-combat

In another exciting addition to the gameplay, almost every person with a mobile device is hackable in the game world. Hacking these devices will give you access to useful information and initiate all kinds of side missions and quests for you to complete. Like we said earlier, the game is developed to surprise you, and it will surprise you.

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Moreover, you are not going to play lone anymore. In addition to creating a separate multiplayer environment, Ubisoft Montreal also integrated Co-op into the singleplayer gameplay. Now you can team up with friends online and cause chaos altogether!


Of course, hacking is the best weapon you have of performing various tasks like the old release. But this time, the games offers you choice, whether you hack your way out of everything without any casualties, or you could kick the door open with guns blazing and cause a massacre. There is no difficulty in completing a task if no one’s left to stop you, but the beauty of stealth can also not be undervalued. The choice will be yours.

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Marcus possesses the skill sets to hack into almost any electronic device in the world. With the skills to hack drones, cars, robots and many other computerized vehicles, players will have the option to choose their own entry, their own combat style, and their own custom strategies to implement on those combat styles.