Watch Dogs 2 Release Date, News & Updates: New Walkthrough, Tips on How To Hack and Combat!

watch dogs 2
Written by Mark Joseph

While waiting for the Watch Dogs 2 to be released in November, fans can delight themselves with this new full walkthrough video, or make themselves more eager for the release date to come along because the video is just full of awesome.

The new full walkthrough for Watch Dogs 2 shows how the second franchise of the games is much more promising as it sports a nearly the same contextual awareness but with a more meaningful manner.

Watch Dogs 2 full walkthrough is actually narrated by the creative director of the fame. It will be teaching players how to hack and combat while maximizing their tools and stealth. During the first portion of the video, players will be taught how to tag enemies. They can use a drone that can be launched to a specified location to perform an ocular inspecting of the site as a preparation. The Remote Control quadcopter can then be used to hack devices, the video also showcases this nifty trick.

During an interview, Danny Bélanger was actually inspired by hacktivist groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec. Thus the game will revolve around what hacking can do to break or make society.

Since the Watch Dogs 2 is set in San Francisco, players get to witness how big corporations use personal information to better their own causes. This will let the player weigh if the hacker’s action is actually for better or for worse.

With all that added into the mix Watch Dogs 2 is definitely an intriguing game to get into, so check out the video below for more fun while waiting for Watch Dogs 2 to come out for PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox One on November 15.

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