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We are all excited about the open world role-playing thriller game Watch Dogs 2. The prequel was such a hit that it made you wonder if the second release in the franchise could ever live up to the expectations. Well, they did it again! Ubisoft Montreal aced on the development of Watch Dogs 2 in regards to adding cool new features in the upcoming sequel of Watch Dogs. (Released in 2014)

Your trust in the developers will strengthen when you hear about all the awesome features that you are going to be enjoying in Watch Dogs 2. Ubisoft has undoubtedly mastered the arts of reinventing any game and simultaneously fulfilling the potential that the first release of a franchise offers. The gameplay, the story and the decision making in Watch Dogs 2 only get better as it inherits the best elements from its parent and adds more features and detail to it.

No More Solo

Unlike Aiden Pierce of Watch Dogs, Marcus Holloway – the lead character of Watch Dogs 2 – will not be a lone wolf. The interaction of DedSec with the main character seems to have been increased exponentially. DedSec was portrayed as a hacktivist group of IT geniuses in the first release.

You are sure to expect a completely different, more realistic and natural gameplay as you will be associating with fellow DedSec members in order to plan and execute several of the main story events.

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Ubisoft Montreal thoroughly went over the options to re-imagine the gameplay and the end-result is stunning. As you are now a team player, you will have the ability to complete missions as a team too. And I don’t mean that you will have bot-operated characters to help you, the game world will be full of online players with whom you can team up to complete a mission. The feature is somewhat near to the Co-op of Ubisoft’s “The Division”. Good news is that the system will not be forcing you to play Co-op only, you will still have the option to play the game solo – that is without spawning any partner or playing offline entirely.

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AR Games Are No More

The AR games that kept us distracted in the first release of the franchise will not be featured in Watch Dogs 2. The story is all well and good to this point, a letdown might be in the menu though: the amusing Digital Trips may or may not be returning either. I personally loved the DTs and would really pray that we see more of them in Watch Dogs 2, though Ubisoft has not been very clear about the matter.

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Synchronization Towers – No More

More than half of Ubisoft Games’ fan base waited to hear these words. Synchronization towers were introduced in Assassin’s Creed in 2007 as a unique new way of updating your map. The towers followed on to all the next releases of Assassin’s Creed and were also introduced in Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs. The good news is, no more towers in Watch Dogs 2, a huge sigh of relief. The map will be complete at the start of the game and ready for the players to just drive-in and explore.