watch dogs 2
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I’ve been really deep into the Watch Dogs 2 fan-verse communities lately and there are somethings that really came to my attention. How the players are deciding to play the game, which approach to choose in completing the mission, weapon preferences and all. Many people are mislead to a certain concerning extent on how they are going to play the game. So in light of the Watch Dogs franchise’s earlier release and what we have heard till new in press releases, I have compiled a list of things that players should know about before starting to play the game which is being released on November 29 on PCs.

Guns, Are A Trap!

As weird as it may sound coming from me, this is what I would highly suggest to you guys. In many action role-playing games, blazing guns and exploding gadgets are the ultimate instrument of progressing through the story. But Watch Dogs 2 is not one of those games, definitely not. Unlike other action games, Watch Dogs 2 does not use hacking as a last-resort option.

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The hacking mechanics shown in the game are extremely well defined and all in all, the total game actually wakes you into the steps of a hacker, with a slight essence of violence. I mean, yeah sure you want all men down, you can play The Splinter Cell, but Watch Dogs – just like Watch Dogs (2014) – is actually a stealth-based game. You would be wasting your time playing Watch Dogs 2 if you’re choice is to use violence as the primary approach instead of hacking.

Buying A Quadcopter Should Be Your First Priority

At the start of the game, you will be provided an RC Car, you will have the option to buy other, more advanced drones and stuff. I cannot emphasize enough on the point that you should buy the Quadcopter as soon as you get the cash. It will cost you around $55k which is quite easy, just hunt down a few bags of cash or hack a few phones.

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In just 5th out of the 20 hours of the time I spent playing the games, I realized my mistake of not buying the quadcopter. Quadcopter is one of the best equipment you will have in the game. It will help you scout locations, set booby traps, find ways to get to the roofs, everything about it is going to help you critically.

watch dogs 2
Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

Your First Upgrade Priorities Should BE Either Car Thievery OR Snitch Skills

Hackers do everything silent, right? And Hackers always get to their destinations “somehow”. Well, soon into the game you will have traveled quite a portion of the world and will start using fast travels. One thing that will help you stay out of trouble – which is a really hard task in Watch Dogs 2 – is by upgrading your Car Thievery skill. By this skill, you will be able to remote-unlock cars, which will sort out half of your gameplay experience. When you unlock cars, they set off alarms and anyone nearby will call the cops and, instead of going to your destination you will be a part of a wild-goose-chase. Avoid that, it’s very irritating and will get you fed up from the game.