Powerlifter Cailer Woolam or “Doctor Deadlift” as we know him seems to be even stronger than before. Recently, he impressed everyone with his incredible no-belt deadlift! No one probably can forget his incredible performances, including his new world record of 950lb on his third lift at the Kern US Open earlier this year. He crushed the previous all-time record competing at 214lbs.

Cailer Woolam seems to be an unstoppable athlete and recently, he posted an Instagram video with hos new wonderful deadlift with no belt this time. Moreover, he is managing a massive lift of 915lb only a few pounds shy of his record. No belt, remember!


After 405kg. I did it beltless because its really not that fkn hard to not use a belt pulling sumo. First 900 from the floor in several months.

@tommartinpl said to do 405kg then either 380×3 or 415kg x 1. Obviously I chose 415×1″

Check out his performance:

According to Woolam, he prefers the mixture of sumo and conventional stances. Sumo is his choice for the lift and it compensates not using his belt.

Woolam was invited to RAW Nationals, so this is the next stage we will see his power at. But if his training is so impressive than we can only imagine what records he will break soon!


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