Wasteland 3 Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

CRPG and InXile fans have developed a liking for Wasteland 3 and are now showing massive amounts of support. Reports show that the latest installment of the Wasteland series is doing well as it passed the $3 million mark and it looks like it will keep getting better.

The Fig-housed crowd funding campaign for Wasteland 3 is no longer in ties with the previous crowd funding campaign that handled Wasteland 2 which only earned $2.9 million. Which seemed like a good move since with the new crowd funding campaign for Wasteland in just three days, the third installment of the game has already gotten over $2.75 million.

With the rising collective support for Wasteland 3 means that the other goals that are envisioned for the game might just me made into reality, much like the talking car companion known as Morning Star plus an insignia for the player’s squad that can be customized. All that and more will be made possible if the present crowd funding campaign for Wasteland 3 exceed $3.1 million. This world garnished with a harrowing post-apocalyptic field has fans expecting the best from the game which is now revitalized. There is also talk about the multiplayer feature to be implemented in Wasteland 3 and there seem to be more things in store for the game because of the support of InXile.

To dig deeper into the details about the new multiplayer mode that may just make its debut in Wasteland 3, PC Gamer has revealed a few juicy details including the part where the multiplayer feature will let players help each other out to complete missions. There are even options to choose from on how to complete the mission, may it be to stay together as a unit and tackle the objectives as a group, or tactically split up to fulfill different objectives at the same time.

At this point, it seems a lot of exciting goodies can be expected from Wasteland 3, and the crowdfunding campaign for the game will last until November 2, 2016. As for the final release date, there is still now word on a solid launch schedule.


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