Washington mall shooting
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

On Friday, just before 7pm a horrible 911 call was received and reported an incident where a young man armed with a rifle was shooting at people in the Macy’s department store inside a Washington state mall. A man of Turkish descent was later identified to be responsible for the five lives that were lost during the Washington Mall Shooting. Arcan Cetin of Oak Harbor, 20 – year-old was reportedly in a zombie-like state while he was being detained and later arrested according to Mike Hawley, Island County Sheriff’s Lieutenant.

Arcan Cetin open fired at the Cascade mall in Burlington, Washington Friday night, his assault killed one man and four women before escaping. In an effort to find and arrest the responsible party for the Washington Mall Shooting, Law enforcement initiated a large-scale search that lasted for about 20 hours in search for a man described as a young Hispanic male in black clothes.

Among the five victims of the Washington Mall Shooting was Sarai Lara, a 16-year cancer survivor. According to Sarai’s mother, the teen fought and survived cancer and was already living a happy life as a student. Evangelina Lara informed reporters that her late daughter was out shopping with her younger sibling when the Washington Mall Shooting happened. In the search for a pair of pants, Sarai separated from her sister and proceeded to Macy’s in search for the said garment. It was confirmed 2am on Saturday that Sarai was one of the five casualties of the Washington Mall Shooting.

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