Portland Blazers Vs warriors

In round 1 of NBA playoffs, Warriors played a sweep game. Finally, they secured a good position in round 2. Player Stephen Curry acted as a major part. Hence, he took the team to the lead.

Warriors Vs Blazers; 128-103 victory at Moda center.

Stephen Curry acted as a catalyst for the team Warriors.

Curry scored a bunch of 37 points for his team. Finally, he was able to make 8 assists and 7 rebounds. He played 7 out of 11 shots from deep. He was the man of the match.  Curry seemed to be commenting on his win in the next round.
Warriors got an advantage of 23 points. All set for round 2.

The team seemed to be scoring a total of 45 points which is eventually a major lead. 

Stephen curry from warriors
Stephen Curry

The head coach Mike Brown seemed to be happy on this lead. He called it ” unbelievable”.

Although, Mike has been coaching Steve Kerr.  Steve seemed to be upset with his health. Mike commented on his absence in team warriors. Still, the absence of Steve hasn’t demoralized the Warriors. They are all set to hit the target.

The head coach Mike Brown

Kevin Durrant finally shakes his rust and proves to be valuable for Warriors.

None the less, Steve wasn’t in the game but Kevin and Stephen altogether held the game. They played very well for their team.Although Kevin has missed two games still he managed to be fruitful for his team. He scored 10 points in 20 min. Therefore, it was all a team work.

The team warriors is now set for the next round. They are taking a pause and waiting for Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers to finish their game. The game is tied at two.

Despite all the misleads team managed to play well. It was a surprising win for all. They responded very well and made their supporters proud.

Curry and Durant have already won last three NBA MVP awards. Now they are ready to win the title for their team.