DoS attack
(Credits : ibtimes)

DDoS attacks are a dangerous form of DoS attacks, where a huge volume of junk traffic is directed at the victim from multiple origin points, making the attack harder to stop. The attack floods the servers with traffic, and unable to filter the spam from the real requests and data, they almost completely stop working.

According to Blizzard representatives, at first the attack was only affecting players in EU, but since Tuesday night, many more players from around the globe were left unable to log into their accounts. They were hit with a type of DDoS attack that makes all of their servers inaccessible, making any gameplay on the platform impossible.

The people at Blizzard Entertainment’s customer support teams have since been frequently posting on forums addressing the issue. They kept assuring worried gamers that their engineers are working around the clock to get to the bottom of the unexpected attack.

In their latest statement, Blizzard says they have finally resolved the attack on the Warcraft servers, saying that only players in Australia could still face some problems logging onto the servers. The statement also says they’re investigating a possible new DDoS attack and are working on fixing it.

In a tweet posted to their account, a hacker group known as PoodleCorp has claimed responsibility for the attack. Further investigation needs to be done before taking any decision on this matter. This situation is very disturbing.


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