The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere
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The Walking Dead saw the next consecutive week of increases to rounded out its 2016 run. As Rick received his gun back, the show is apparently getting its audiences back.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Air Date
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The midseason finale, which was packed with a trio of figure deaths and iconic comic ebook moments being came to the realization for a great critical reception, earned 10.58 million visitors for a 5.1 ranking in the main element 18-49 demonstration. Still, the quantities are the minimum for a midseason finale since 2012 and account for a 24% drop from previous year’s Start to Finish instance which noticed the group wandering into a herd of zombies in an overrun Alexandria. Start to Surface finish nabbed a 7.0 score.

Still, the consecutive weeks in growing rankings are a good indication for the AMC series which was veering towards 7 digit viewership amounts for the first time since Season 3.

Here’s how the amounts have looked so far from the Walking Deceased Season 7:

7×01: 17.03 million
7×02: 12.46 million
7×03: 11.72 million
7×04: 11.40 million
7×05: 11.00 million
7×06: 10.40 million
7×07: 10.48 million
7×08: 10.58 million

In fact, the week to week numbers are the major increase of the season, which basically observed every week decreases in rankings pursuing an enormous Season 7 premiere on October 23.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Air date
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The Walking Dead was tackling stiff competition from an exciting Sunday Night Soccer game which observed the New York Giants undertake the red hot Dallas Cowboys within an NFC East match-up.

Still, the 90-tiny bout of The Walking Dead was the number one show on wire with Talking Deceased taking second place, once more.

Live + 3 quantities (including DVR viewers who watch later) boosted Occurrence 7×07 to 15 million total visitors — proving The Walking Dead is still a powerhouse among enthusiasts who may well not necessarily be viewing live.

The Walking Useless dividends Sunday, February 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. For complete coverage and insider info all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

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